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Do you struggle with feeling weighed down by old hurts and self doubt?
Would you like to cultivate more confidence with healthier,
more life-giving relationships?
Are you ready to live more in a flow of life and joy, courage, and freedom?

Gemma Ra'Star

Single mother, sustainable builder, artist, mounted martial arts teacher, horse keeper, falconer, organic medicinal herb farmer, self taught herbalist, business entrepreneur, product developer, and spiritual leader of plant medicines


Gemma started her plant medicine journey around the year 2000 experimenting off grid in the mountains with cannabis and mushrooms from the East to the Southwest to heal some serious traumas. She started conducting mushroom ceremonies off-grid at ancient sacred UFO sites in Northern New Mexico in the year 2005.
Now in 2023 after a five year break Gemma is here to help you navigate successfully by teaching proper micro-dosing and integration with psychedelics to enrich the body mind and spirit.
She is also a breath work and movement coach directing mounted martial arts.

Are you ready for expert guidance with proper micro-dosing and integration?

Potential psychedelic therapy clients simply need to set up a consultation/preparation session with our spirit guide, and then are able to have an administration session where they will consume mushrooms under the supervision of our guide.
Consultations are necessary to find an understanding of the clients needs so the journey fits their style and intentions to properly establish set and setting.

Set up a 1 on 1 consultation with Gemma today!

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Stand with thousands of like minded people form across the country. safely and legally utilize, carry, and transport your plant medicine nationwide.

Wumaniti Sanctuary

Since 2010, Gemma has overseen the successful Wumaniti Sanctuary based in the spiritual mecca of Taos, New Mexico.

In case you don't know, Wumaniti is the first cannabis and mushroom spiritual organization who have been issuing membership cards successfully.
Wumaniti carries a 100% track record of identification card holders staying out of jail for cannabis and mushroom charges. 

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