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What you get:

Safely utilize, carry, transport, and grow plant medicines
worry-free nationwide.

Including but not limited to cannabis flowers, mushrooms, vines, grasses, and cactuses.

Number one:

Experience more time doing what you love.
Freedom to grow your plant medicine trade without constraint.

WENS issues an identification card and certification letter .
$Priceless (Value)

Freedom from worry while conducting your plant medicine exercises.

Ambassador members may serve other warrior members and potential members with plant medicines including but not limited too, cannabis and mushrooms.
$Priceless (Value)

Freedom to be a thriving plant medicine executive and fulfill your goals.
$Priceless (Value)

Number two:

We broadcast
Ambassador member's plant medicine trades on our newsletter which has over 40,000 readers and rising from across the country and internationally.
(Value for 1/2 year)

Number three:

A intro session with our founder educating the Ambassador member and/or court and/or appointed attorneys on federal and state laws assisting in representing against any and all misguided Federal and state judicial laws and/or prosecutions.

Total value: $17,555


Today Just:
$5,785.00 this year!


Federally recognized sovereign entity since 2010
exercising practices conserving and empowering
the laws of earth-based living and ceremonial practices.

WE FOLLOW a Code of Ethics please know before continuing;
No alcohol Abuse,
No abuse of pharmaceutical drugs,
No use of Manmade Drugs to include but not limit to:
No Sexual Harassment and absolutely no Sexual, physical, verbal abuse.

We just don't put up with it.

The Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary is an established, federally recognized plant medicine church exercising practices to conserve the laws of the land, earth-based living and ceremonial practices.

  • ​Credibility: 100% success rate since 2010
  • Authority: In good standings with all federal bodies
  • Benefit: We will help you succeed with our Ambassador Membership