It's So Organic you can eat it!
body care, capsules, honey and, Oils.


Improving Life!

Sick of stress, grief and depression?
With over 20 years of experience and expertise, we bring you the highest quality of full spectrum hemp flower products.

We grow our happy plants using natural and traditional practices.
Mountain grown at 7,000+ feet.
Our recipes and practices are ancient with alchemical existence for over 12,000 years.

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About The Company

Hemp Heroe

Our mission is supporting agricultural and sustainable economic lifestyles within cultural communities in the USA while healing both the earth's land and our physical bodies.

  • ​Organic: Our products are 100% organic and solvent free.
  • ​Full Spectrum: More than CBD!  Hemp Hero uses Full Spec. Hemp Flower.
  • Super Effective: We care about your existence and daily recovery thats why our products are made to be more than twice as effective as commercial CBD.

Our perfected blends offer other magnificent plant medicines like frankincense, lavender, rose, and amber. These plant medicines compliment the healing benefits of our hemp flowers and seeds.

Our Perfected Blends

Healing, Relaxing,Life Changing.

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Body Care

Appropriate for all skin types.
Nourishing, soothing, relaxing, aromatic, and deeply-penetrating.
Fast acting pain relief.

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Sacred Oils

Award winning flavors.
sweet and subtle.
Made with traditional extraction methods.
No harsh solvents or toxic chemicals.

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Full spectrum 
Day time & Night time blends.
Easily add to your morning routine.

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100% Organic!
No preservatives.
No artificial sweeteners.
Great taste.

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Full Spectrum Hemp
Daytime & Nighttime Capsules

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Why Choose Us

Grown Ethically organic

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Grown with love and the upmost care.

Naturally no THC in our hemp products. Our plants are grown using natural traditional practices. Our products are carefully crafted in small batches with locally sourced ingredients.

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Nationwide door to door delivery .

Get these incredible products delivered right to your door anywhere in the country.
Overnight delivery available.

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Your Dollar Counts

100% of your purchase goes towards building communities supporting sustainable agricultural and economical development with hemp and horses bettering humanity and being one with Mother Earth.

Pain, Stress, and Anxiety Relief to the core!

Are you ready to live pain free in just 3 months?

Improve your brain and heart cognitive function.

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Gain a broader perception.  

Hemp heroe vitality plan

Check out this Hemp Extract Botanical Pain Relief Pack loaded with goodies.
Dedicate a few minutes in the morning and evening.

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Attention Span

Gain a better sense of concentration. Give tasks your full attention while also being aware of your own thoughts and emotions in the moment.

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Better Memory

Take in more information from the world around you, process, store, and recall that information more effectively. 

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Problem Solving

Achieve your goals and overcome obstacles more easily and more frequently.

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Expand your imagination and sprout more original ideas.

Incredible Testimonials

Hemp heroe improving life

Zack Porter

Heals with hemp

Hemp Heroe

Treats Parkinsons

Vitality Plan

Saves a Teens Life

Become a card Holder

Utilize, Carry, And Grow cannabis and mushrooms


Be worry free while using, carrying and growing your plant medicines no matter where you are in the country.

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Card holders receive exclusive discounts on our unmatched selection of plant medicines.
Card holders can also get these medicines delivered to them anywhere in the U.S.A.