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Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary

Code of ethics

Members adhere to the following

I agree to absolutely no alcohol abuse.

I agree to absolutely no drug use with man-made drugs to include heroin, crack, cocaine, and methamphetamines.

I agree not to abuse any substance that would cause harm to oneself or anyone else including but not limited to harmful pharmaceutical drug abuse, or abuse of any mind altering substance.

Respect for all people & earth, I agree not to intentionally harm others sexually, spiritually, or physically.

Violation in the above or get in trouble with the law in any way regarding the above, understand WENS may not claim you as a member, and your membership, and any additional agreement we may have together, may be immediately and permanently terminated and/or revoked.


In this Day in Age, the Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary members understand the importance of following self-care and self-disciplines when it comes to the Code of Ethics.

Get your warrior card today  

The Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary is an established, federally recognized plant medicine church exercising practices to conserve the laws of the land, earth-based living and ceremonial practices.

  • Wumaniti is the first cannabis and mushroom spiritual organization who have been issuing membership cards successfully.
  • Wumaniti has a 100% track record of identification card holders staying out of jail for cannabis and mushroom charges. (One must be a member, if you are already in trouble and not a member, we can't help you.)
  • Keeping people away from trouble, Wumaniti started issuing out identification cards to members starting in 2010.
  • ​Being the first "standing on its own since colonialism" spiritual organization issuing identification cards for spiritual people carrying cannabis and mushrooms nationwide.
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  • ​WENS provides a one-year identification card recognizing the members personal use of plant medicine sacraments including but not limited to: cannabis and mushrooms.
  • ​Level up with an already well-established transparent grassroots bonafide sustainable organization of like-minded plant medicine people and animals.
  • ​Carrying plant medicine for ceremonies involved with spiritual growth including but not limited to cannabis and mushrooms.
  • ​Access to our equestrian events and special discounts on​ archery classes.
  • ​Card holders may receive plant medicine sacraments from Wumaniti delivered right to your door anywhere in the country( Yes we deliver nationwide).​

Legally safely utilize, carry, transport, and grow your personal plant-based medicines worry free nationwide.

WENS is open to all ethnicity, race, color, and religion of people who are making the effort of living peacefully towards sustainability on earth in making the effort of conserving sustainable earth-based practices. Ancient Wisdom and History, WENS is a earth-based religion that has incorporated many ancient spiritual practices dating back 12,000 years. WENS is empowering safety, guidance, and hope to its members to continue a path of healing.

How Do I Join?

Join us in 3 simple steps

How does the membership card work?
Since 2010, the Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary (herein as WENS), for 12+ years has been issuing identification membership cards as a true service of divinity's freedom for plant medicine activists and sustainable leaders.
Exercising practices of conservation and empowering the laws of earth-based ceremonial practices and disciplines.
In 2014, WENS declared itself to the IRS, DOJ (Department of Justice), and DEA (Drug Enforcement Association) proving a history of our mission here on earth.
In that same year of 2014, our membership was blessed to became an official 501c3 to serve our members as a way of life to encourage and free us from worries or problems around carrying sacred plant medicines.
WENS members pledge our best to honor self-development within the existing natures freedoms.


1. First

Fill Out Your Application.

Click below to fill out an application


2. Second

Submit Photos

In order to process your official Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary Identification Card we need a current photo of you and your I.D. card. Please send photos to wumaniti@gmail.com


3. Third

Make a Pledge

Potential members must make an annual sliding scale pledge of  $300-$800. You can make your pledge by calling 575-776-2856. You can now make a pledge online

Lead by the experts who have successfully helped 1,000's of plant medicine people.
With 100% success rate when it comes to keeping people out of trouble before getting into trouble.
Teaching how to stay away from interference.
Remembering freedoms and federal law.
How to keep a confident mindset.
Understanding the deeper intention of sustainable entrepreneurial
plant medicine family businesses.